About Us 

We are a family that is passionate about the Golden Retriever breed.  We know the importance of raising healthy, intelligent and happy canine companions. We enjoy researching pedigrees and looking for accomplished lines that also show longevity. What we believe sets us apart from other breeders is how much that our dogs are handled by everyone in the family and how versatile they are for a variety of venues . All four of our family members handle and compete with our dogs and are passionate about teaching them and we are impressed when they are always up to a challenge. We know Ember, Twister, and Briar love to work and are very eager to please any handler.

All of our girls love the field, their passion is to hunt. They look forward to any chance they get to swim and retrieve. They train in agility and don't shy at any obstacle. They are always excited to train in obedience too, so happy to be learning and working because any positive attention is what motivates them. Our goal is to pass along top quality puppies to well suited homes.